Veneer finishes are mostly and primarily used in kitchens for their outstanding visual effects. It fetches warm appearance to the space and hence, preferred over other materials. In addition, it lends a rich shade to the surroundings, and it’s one of major reasons of its use in the kitchen.

Veneer is better than other as it’s one finish that adds tremendous spice and character to any modern kitchen. And this USP of veneer makes it stand so apart from the rest. Additionally, it brings rich shades to the space and turns the space truly unique.

Adding visual effects is one of foremost features of veneer finishes. Its richness in shades further makes it an invaluable addition to the kitchen space. It’s available in a great range, and its ability to turn the appearance pleasing endears it to home owners for their contemporary kitchens.

Veneer is one such finish that does not score for its lifespan, as its visual appeals are the high point. However, it’s not that fragile, and might endure for a longer duration if proper care is taken. Its moderate resistance to factors like water, humidity and UV rays can blunt it’s a bit earlier than the expected.